Water Supply


The existing water supply scheme was commissioned in the year of 1973 as a part of rural water supply scheme Executed under state P.H.E. Directorate covering the mouza Bishnupur Municipality, Turki sitaram pur and a part of Jamuna bundh and at present ground water is the source of water for existing water supply system and collected through bore well from the Darakaswar river Bed with 2 (two) nos O.H.R.

After a long time the population of this municipality is increase upto 74,000 approx. and Govt. of India. has pleased to approved the new water supply project under B.R.G.F.(SPL.) programme covering 4 (four) nos O.H.R. and Distributaries main by using D.I. Pipe line of different dia. Meter and the Distributaries network up to 90% covering area has been completed through H.D.P.E. Pipe line with spot sourcing and executed under M.E. Directorate, Govt. of W.B.


Nos of pumping station: 2 nos (Kumari & Madhu damdama ) No of O.H.R :2 nos (Kumari & Municipality premises ) No of connection 3714 nos
A. Domestic 3588 nos
B. Commercial 126 nos
No of street Tap approx 720 nos


No of O.H.R 4
No of pumping station 4 nos.
No of house connection 5400 nos already completed and now till continue.
No of water recourse (submersible )-12 nos.