N.U.H.M. :: Health services rendered in Bishnupur “U-PHC” (Bishnupur Municipality) for beneficiaries under N.U.H.M under supervision of Bishnupur Health District guided by Dr. Amal Bandyopadyay,Ful Time M.O in Bishnupur “U-PHC”.
1. Daily General O.P.D emphasised on Monday, Wednesday, Friday for the patients and providing medicine free of cost from 11 A.M. to 4 P.M. or last attendant patient.
2. A.N.C (Ante Natal Checkup) and P.N.C (Post Natal Checkup) for pregnant women postnatal checkup for new mothers on every Tuesday and Thursday from 11A.M. to 4 P.M.
3. Immunisation to all the babies including under five children on every Friday from 11 A.M. to the last attending child.
4. Meeting of stuff nurse, A.N.M sisters, H.H.W.S and FTS on every Saturday for the proper implementation of National Programme and other Health related matters.
5. Three outreach camps in every month held on distant place within Bishnupur Municipality premises for the poor needy beneficiaries.
6. U.H.N.D (Urban Health & Nutrition Day) 31 in every month conducted by A.N.M & F.T.S in A.W.W center / I.C.D.S centers within the premises of Bishnupur Municipality.