In this context, the role of the Bishnupur Municipality has gained the momentum to maintain the existing services. It has necessary to take up various development schemes for this old town dominated major persons by the weavers artisans of bell metal and other small scale industry
In this Municipality will have to take up many development works and the development of infrastructure to sustain the primary need and basic services to the common people. This Municipality covers a total area of 22 Sq. km.(approx), 19 nos. of ward and present population about 75,000.


Road network in Bishnupur has grown to a total of approx. 299 km. While more than 75% of roads are black topped and concrete, around 25% of the road network is still katcha road and is Moor am Roads. Most of the existing arterial roads are narrow with one lane carriageways and needs to be widened to cater for the increasing vehicular traffic. Due to lack of proper maintenance, the surface conditions of the roads are not good which in turn reduces the speed of moving traffic. For better connectivity of the town about 46 K.M. cement concrete road has been completed and approx. 19.5 K.M. Bituminous Roads have been constructed to connect the Temples of Bishnupur Town to promote the tourism within last 3 financial year.


The total drainage network of Bishnupur municipality is of approx. 362.65 KM. The storm water drains carry sullage and rainwater and ultimately drains through pucca & kantcha drains spread along the town. Total Pucca Drain- approx 233.13KM. And total Katcha Drain- approx. 129.52 KM.
The sanitation system of the town is poor. The table below presents a service level standard of Bishnupur in terms of coverage of the city with respect to sanitation and sewerage. For better drainage system total 16 K.M. High & Low Drains has been constructed around the Bishnupur Municipal Area within this financial year.

U-PHC BUILDING AND OFFICE BUILDING - Urban Public Health Center is constructed under NUHM scheme to provide primary treatments and also has referral unit for the element persons and patients who are being taken care. Total project cost of 61.00 lakhs & Office Buildings are constructed for providing better Service to the local civic public .

SMASAN AND BURIUAL GROUND - Total 11 nos Smasan & Burial Ground are renovated to a new level for public utility.

GITANJALI HOUSING SCHEME - Under Gitanjali housing Project 98nos of House were already completed throughout Bishnupur Municipal Slum Areas.

REST SHED & RETAINEING WALL - Rest sheds and Retaining Wall are constructed at different places of Bishnupur Municipal Area for Public Utility.

DRINKING WATER SUPPLY- To combat the crises of the drinking water as the Bankura District is arid Naturally this municipality has installed 1500 nos of hand pump tube well and submersible pump of 30 nos.

BEAUTIFICATION WORK & ELECTRIFICATION- 54 nos High Must Light and L.E.D Street Light are Erection for the illumination of Bishnupur Town. A park at Rajdarbar has been constructed by this Municipality for the civic people.

SANITARY LATRINE & COMMUNITY TOILET - (SBM) Total 20 nos community Latrine & 5143 nos sanitary latrines were physically completed Under Mission Nirmal Bangla Project surrounding the Slums and township area under Bishnupur Municipality.