A DFID assisted Honorary Health Workers Scheme is being implemented by Health & Family Welfare Department, Government of West Bengal through Municipal Affairs Department. To undertake Baseline Survey and Documentation for the aforesaid Scheme, the Department intends to appoint two Consultants. Overall objectives of the scheme and services required to be delivered by the Consultants have been specified in the Terms of Reference (TOR), separately prepared for both the consultancies, which are available with the Deputy Director, Strategic Planning & Sector Reform Cell or at the Website of the Department having URL Interested persons / organizations / firms should submit Expression of Interest (EoI) with a clear Capability Statement in A4 size papers. Following criteria will be used for short listing the Consultants for submitting the tender for final selection: (i) A minimum annual turnover of Rs 10 lakh for past two years; (ii) Experience of undertaking at least 3 (three) Consultancy assignments in the Health & Family Welfare Sector for large institutions including Government institutions; (iii) Experience of undertaking similar works in India, preferably some work done in West Bengal; (iv) Availability and Qualifications of Professionals proposed to be engaged for the assignments The completed EoIs should be separately submitted for both the Consultancies, within 15 days of publication of this advertisement, in the Office of the Strategic Planning & Sector Reform Cell (SPSRC). The envelope containing the EOI should clearly indicate its contents.