01. To keep Personal File of all Municipal Employees (Regular).

02. To maintain the Service Book of all Municipal Employees (Regular).

03. To prepare Annual Increment List of all Permanent Employees.

04. To issue retirement notice to the retiring employees.

05. To prepare report regarding Gratuity and Pension.

06. To forward Pension Papers to the office of the DPPG to obtain Pension.

07. To give reply to the office of the DPPG against their observation, if any.

08. To maintain Appointment record, Promotion matter.

09. To keep record in awarding CAS benefit to the Municipal employees.

10. To keep record in giving financial benefit/allowances as per Government order.

11. To prepare file in Die-in-harness cases as per Govt. Order.

12. To prepare different letters in giving replies to the DLB and M.A Department.

13. To maintain the file of Govt. Officers like E.O, F.O, H.O, and the Assistant Engineer and prepare their working certificate.

14. To maintain Gradation List of the Employees.