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To take this rare privilege in launching this surprising website of Bishnupur Municipality in the auspicious year when the country is going to commemorate the celebration of 150th Birth Anniversary of Mahatma Gandhiji, the father of the nation.

Bishnupur Municipality was established in the year 1873, situated in the district of Bankura becomes a place of historic interest having illustrious exploits of Malla dynasty. Bishnupur is full of old architectural ruins, almost all of the temples are made of red lateritic blocks with marvelous low and high terracotta works attracting large number of tourists all over the territory and abroad.

Malla Kings were almost righteously the devotees of Vaishnavites and always exercised worship of God Sri Krishna and Goddess Sri Radhika in the adorable name of Sri Sri Radha Madanmohan Jew, Radha Madangopal Jew, Radha Lal Jew, Radhashyam Jew and Sri Sri Maa Mrinmoyee Devi, presiding deity of Malla Raj Mahal. The beautiful terracotta temples built in between 15th and 18th century was the unique pattern of Bengal sculpture and architecture still existing with wonder. Apart from religious and mythological feelings, Bishnupur is a holy place called Gupta Brindabana. The Malla Kings were the great patron of vocal, classical music like Dhrupad, Dhamar etc. and welcomed many renowned musicians from Lucknow, Delhi and southern part of India as well. Bishnupur is the birth place of famous musician Jadu Bhatta, Gopeswar Bandyopadhyay, Jnyan Goswami and many other musicians who contributed their efforts for carrying this tropical type of music Bishnupur Gharana. Srinivas Acharya an austere devotee of Gouranga Mahaprabhu was honoured by the King and provided him ways and means for prayer to God at Bishnupur. It is the birth place of Maniklal Singha, a famous Archaeologist and founder of Bangiya Sahitya and Sanskriti Parishod, Bishnupur.

At the time of holding State Conference of Congress for undivided Bengal in the year 1938 our beloved leaders Sarat Chandra Basu, Netaji Subhas Chandra Basu and M.N.Roy set their feet at Bishnupur for awakening the youths for freedom movement. Maa Sadaramoni used to visit Bishnupur Rly. Station on her way to Kolkata even Sri Sri Ramkrishna Deb also visited Bishnupur very often. These incidents are beyond imagination.

The Malla Kings also took initiative for socio-economic development of their raiyats and provided irrigation facilities for cultivation by digging large sized 7 Nos. of dams in the famous name of Lalbandh, Shyam Bandh, Krishna Bandh, Poka Bandh, Jamuna Bandh, Kalindi Bandh and Gnathat Bandh etc. In order to protect from the attack of Borgi during the reign of Mallaraj Bir Hambir the capital was surrounded by a canal and built a wonderful gate called – Pathar Dwaraja which also prevented every type of aggression from the enemy. The Malla Capital Bishnupur is very nice tourist spot irrespective of its encompassing green lands, forests as natural view, the economy of Bishnupur depends on its arts, crafts, handicrafts articles like Shankha (Conch-shell), tera-cotta elephants & tigers, brass metal utensils, Lantrine Dasabatar playing cards and Handloom products of famous Baluchari Sarees being exquisite design woven by Silk and Tassar yarn etc. are the main attraction of the visitors of the territory and abroad.

In phenomenal point of view from the reality, Bishnupur achieves very rapidly growth of population and expansion of periphery in both length and breadth admeasuring 22.1 sq. K.M. where population strength is reached at about 75,000 approximately comprising 19 Wards.

This Local Body undertakes implementation of the following schemes and programmes to make Excellent and virtual Bishnupur in view of its historical charming and modern beauty creating integrated planning and guiding balanced development. This temple city Bishnupur is being emphasized by policy and financial support of our benign State Government which becomes to be an important tourist centre now-a-days. To set us a composite Tour package covering Kamarpukur – Joyrambati – Garh Mandaran – Bishnupur – Mukutmonipur – Shusinia Hill etc. where Bishnupur will be exclusively central point of destination.

The followings are the Indomitable energy and efforts undertaking by this Municipality:- 1. IHSDP – project for housing of the poor under slum area.
2. Housing for All
3. Housing for urban poor
4. Geetanjali Housing
5. Water Supply Project under BRGF Special
6. Water Treatment Plant for supply of bottle tide drinking water
7. Construction, Renovation and strengthening bituminous and concrete roads
8. Construction of Pucca Drain and High Drains and sanitation system.
9. Mission Nirmal Bangla
10. Sinking of Tube Wells and deep Tube wells
11. Green City Mission
12. Construction and modernization of Burning Ghats 5 Nos. one of which is Electrical cremation system, Burial-grounds
13. Installation of 46 Nos. of High Mast Lights & Triphala lights, street lights covering each and every Wards.
14. Municipal Tourist Complex (Dormitory) with swimming pool
15. Launching of medical free medical treatment centre like DFID HHW, Urban Primary Health Centre deploying whole time Doctor, Nurses and health workers.
16. Indira Market Complex at Chawk Bazar, Municipal Complex, Market with toilet block at north bank of Pokabandh
17. New Bus Terminus at Rasikganj has already been inaugurated by Sri Subhendu Adhikari, Hon’ble M.I.C., Dept. of Transportation, Govt. of West Bengal.
18. Temporary Bus stand is running at Turki which will be shifted to Rasikganj New Bus terminus soon after the completion of construction of stalls, shops for rehabilitation of shop-keepers, hawkers who had been temporarily shifted to Turki Bus stand.
19. N.U.L.M. for self help group
20. Samabathi –
Vehicles and accessories provided for civic people
1. Mobile water tanks
2. Cess Pool Vehicle, tractors
3. Ambulance
4. Vehicle for dead body carrying
5. Mobile Lavatory Vehicle
In spite of materialization of many many projects, this local body is ready to follow up Integrated planning more and more for the betterment of stakeholders and modernization of this heritage town. It is assured that the experienced-based solution and expertise should come forward to implement the need-based programmes almost in transparently and successfully. I cordially welcome to the beloved each and every group of civic people to extend their all sorts of co-operation and suggestion to make Bishnupur to be more clean and clear, beautiful and eco-friendly grow green city with its existing historical features to get overwhelmed attraction from the visitors.